What is Living Boldly?

It’s a weekly discussion on these four topics:

  1. Living Your Boldest Life: tools, tips, and strategies on pursuing big projects, such as pitching National Geographic or launching a company

  2. Going Pro: my tips on quitting the job you don’t want and becoming someone you want to be instead (in my case: a writer, photographer, and entrepreneur) 

  3. Putting Your Imagination To Work: insights on storytelling and creativity, i.e. creating a winning pitch or coming up with ideas, consistently

  4. Personal Growth: how not to stand in your own way to your dreams and on being human with failures, doubts, and struggles (we all have them!)

Why am I the one to offer these thoughts?

Because I am a published travel photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and a travel company founder. For the past four years, I’ve dealt with and lived through all of the above questions and topics. In 2016, I quit my well-paying corporate job and decided to go after a dream I’ve had all my life. Since then, I’ve worked with dream publications such as National Geographic Traveller and AFAR Magazine and traveled to spectacular places — such as Mongolia and Rwanda — on assignments.

This newsletter was born out of many questions I’ve received over the years on how to quit your job and go after your dreams, how to make it in the creative industry, how and where to start, and more. It’s a publication I wish I had when I started.

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I am Yulia Denisyuk, a travel photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and travel company founder. I quit my corporate job four years ago to go after my dream, and I am sharing my insights from this journey in this newsletter. Learn more about me on my website or Instagram. ✨