100 things that bring me joy (full list)

100 things that bring me joy

  1. Pastel pink-peachy color

  2. Big statement earrings

  3. Dark green nail polish

  4. That first sip of wine I really enjoy

  5. Stretching and the feeling of my body opening-up

  6. Sitting by the fire in the Wadi Rum desert

  7. Big chunky sweaters

  8. Flowing skirts

  9. Music that takes me places like Kora playlists, Japanese chill, or Souad Massi

  10. Losing a sense of time when I’m reading a book

  11. Fresh bed sheets

  12. Oysters and brute by the streetside in Chelsea

  13. Little black cashmere dress in which I feel like a Parisian

  14. Reading my story in a travel magazine

  15. A really good toro sashimi

  16. Drinking a cup of tea with ginger, cardamom, and milk

  17. Going through all the photos I’ve taken over the years

  18. Holding my camera in my hand

  19. The first step out of an airplane in a new land

  20. Sitting at a table with friends on a long afternoon

  21. Freshly made pasta with oyster mushrooms and parmesan

  22. Looking for just the right word to say, meticulously, when I’m writing

  23. Sticking my hand out the window in a moving car

  24. Sitting down on my mat and meditating

  25. Seeing my Bedouin friends in the desert again

  26. Cheese and yogurt made out of sheep’s milk

  27. All sorts of honey

  28. Crisp fall mornings when the leaves are already yellow and red but it’s not yet cold

  29. The feeling of fresh mountain air on my face in the morning

  30. A city at sunrise when I’m the only one awake in the streets

  31. Holding the paws of my dog in my hands

  32. The scent of Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume

  33. The poetry of Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi, and Hafez

  34. Hearing the call to prayer flying across the hills in Istanbul or Amman

  35. Long conversations with friends that make me feel seen

  36. Choosing thoughtfully and then buying gifts for my friends

  37. Creating something out of nothing (a new brand, project, website, story)

  38. Re-reading for the nth time the work of Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov

  39. Watching old Soviet movies I grew up with during holidays with my grandma

  40. A cab ride on the way to the airport

  41. Huge scarves I can get lost in

  42. Korean drama series on Netflix

  43. Fermenting my own cabbage

  44. Closing my eyes and envisioning what the dream I’m working towards feels like

  45. Recording a podcast with people I dig

  46. Renting a car in Greece or Turkey and going on a road trip

  47. Stopping by at a roadside and buying all the fruits from a vendor

  48. A freshly squeezed pomegranate-orange juice on the streets of Istanbul

  49. Going to the hammam in Turkey

  50. Watching seagulls when crossing from the European to the Asian side in Istanbul

  51. Listening to a new episode of the On Being podcast

  52. The first kiss with a person I really like

  53. The combination of cheese, almonds, and honey

  54. Going to the ballet, opera, or symphony

  55. The buzz of a coffee shop

  56. A cute postcard

  57. All kinds of beautifully made stationery and paper products

  58. Goat milk and chai soap

  59. Putting seeds into the soil and seeing what sprouts

  60. Reading a travel magazine

  61. Neat eyebrows

  62. Planning a new trip that I can create work out of

  63. Everything by Jo Malone

  64. Shopping online for a cute sweater on the weekend

  65. Reading 20th-century science fiction

  66. The books by Neil Gaiman

  67. Going on a long hike with my dog

  68. A long photoshoot in the morning and afternoon

  69. Going through the photos I’ve just captured and discovering a gem

  70. Sitting outside in the evenings and looking up at the stars

  71. That feeling of pride when I submit work to editors

  72. Putting up Stories on Instagram

  73. The soundtracks to Studio Ghibli movies

  74. Sparkling water

  75. A morning cup of kombucha I made myself

  76. Messaging friends I haven’t spoken to in a while

  77. Packing for a trip and deciding what to take with me

  78. The feeling of being tucked away under a blanket when it’s extra cold outside

  79. Listening to a podcast as I fall asleep

  80. Carpet shops in Morocco or Turkey

  81. Walking into a riad in Morocco

  82. Sitting at a rooftop in Marrakech, Fez, or Chefchaouene in the morning or afternoon

  83. Looking at clouds

  84. Yellow flowers in a vase

  85. Bringing people to Jordan and seeing how they fall in love with it the way I did

  86. Calling myself a travel photographer and writer

  87. Talking about or thinking about my story

  88. A set of beautiful pens

  89. Browsing through books in an open-air market

  90. A face mask on for 20 minutes

  91. Tying a headscarf in a new way

  92. Wearing my camel hair coat on the streets of New York

  93. Listening to hang drum

  94. Looking at the prints of my best images hanging on the wall

  95. Noticing how much I’ve changed and grown in love with the world and myself over the years

  96. Breakfast in bed in a five-star hotel

  97. Falling asleep next to someone I love

  98. Kissing someone I love on the forehead

  99. Holding the hand of someone I love while we cross the streets

  100. The sound of rain hitting the roof as I fall asleep